Posted by: paultovell | October 20, 2009

My week as a Resources Librarian

Since I am due to leave my current job and start in a different authority, I thought I would blog about a typical week in my current job (as a Resources Librarian in Nottinghamshire) before I go.  Last week was quite busy, and seems like a good one to pick!

Monday – the week began with a meeting to select music CDs to buy for the county stock.  We have 18 libraries that hold a CD collection, and every month we select new titles for them all.  I also trained my colleague on writing the “Your Next Good Read” leaflet, which advertises new fiction titles to our borrowers every month.  Then some emailing time – discussion of last week’s stock editing work and some preliminary thoughts on re-categorising all of our non-fiction stock.  It’s harder than it sounds, choosing new subject headings!  Finally, a quick look at a book that a budding local author has posted to me – sadly it’s not quite up to speed this time, but I send an encouraging letter back.

Tuesday – off to Nottingham Central Library for a meeting with one of our music suppliers, who had driven up from Birmingham.  He supplies a lot of our esoteric material, and I always learn something new from him – today I discovered that soca music (similar to reggae) is so called because it’s part soul and part calypso.  We don’t have very much of that in county stock!

Wednesday – all day training course at County Hall to learn how to use Excel.  Very useful considering the number of budgets we manage.  The trainer was very friendly, but the course was a little bit basic – I forgot how much I knew already about Excel. Learned some new stuff though, including using $ symbol to lock formulae in cells.  Went home feeling very “green” as I’d trained and walked the 20 mile journey, rather than driven.

Thursday began with some stock editing at one of our larger libraries.  We’re going through all the stock in these big libraries over the next few months, making sure that everything on the shelves is in good condition and issuing well. After this, a quick lunch and down to Derby for the LIEM AGM (see previous post), which was really interesting, though I did get a bit lost (as I always do in Derby…)

Friday began with the inevitable email checking, this time including arranging a meeting to discuss talking books – how to buy and how to promote them.  Then after lunch a drive down to Coalville in Leicestershire for a Career Development Group meeting.  We discussed the Managing Your Career Day and began making plans for the Christmas meal which is becoming something of a permanent fixture for us!  Plan to hold it in the same place as last year comes a-cropper when I realise the library nearby is now closed on Fridays.  Need a re-think!  Week ends with a journey northwards on the M1 on a Friday evening, which is a lot quicker than I was expecting, and finishes by getting some portfolio evidence to look through for one of my chartership mentees.


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