Posted by: paultovell | August 28, 2009

Scruffiness is in the eye of the beholder

This article seems to have been on the blog-round recently.

Great news for academic librarians who have one more journalist on their side.  But for us scruffians (read: public librarians), it’s another nail in the coffin for public perception of the local library service.  And just when we were starting to pull out a few with the pliers of community engagement.  OK, end of metaphor.  Fantastic media validation for academic librarians, absolutely.  But the article is plastered with the flashiness of university money and investment; the partnership in Worcester reads more like the uni holding up the failing public library – does the latter bring anything to this deal?  Surely their contribution is more than agreeing a carpet colour and handing over their patrons on a platter?  Can’t help inferring that working in a public library in Worcs is so dull that everyone’s hugely relieved when the university steps in to jazz up the service and save the day.  Very Saving Private Ryan.



  1. What a strange piece! As you say, looks like the public library has been rather forgotten about. Very disappointing.

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